Who is Dr. Lemme, creator of the Lemme Diet

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Milan, March 17, 2022. Alberico Lemme, commonly known as Doctor Lemme, is the creator of the Lemme Diet, a revolutionary food plan that its creator prefers to define a real Food Philosophy rather than a diet.

The Lemme Diet, as everyone calls it, is actually an innovative method far from the ordinary concept of a diet full of restrictions, fatigue and sacrifice.

“Calories are not calculated – says Dr. Lemme, during an interview with Journal – I have scientifically demonstrated that the calorie applied to food is a hoax. You do not do physical activity: it is good, but it is not needed to lose weight. You also eat fats because they do not make you gain weight on the contrary, used in biochemistry in hormonal function, they make you lose weight “, explains Doctor Lemme illustrating his method, which he himself prefers to call” Culinary journey with Lemme “rather than” Lemme diet. “.

The Lemme Diet is not a diet, but a culinary journey

Speaking of his food philosophy, Dr. Lemme firmly reiterates that it is not a diet, even if commonly called the Lemme Diet, but a “Culinary Journey”. In fact, as he himself says:

“All types of cooking are allowed, including frying. You don’t weigh anything, you eat to your fill only what you like, by purchasing the products in the trusted store. There are no supplements, no drugs, no herbal teas, no drinks. No sacrifices are made: I don’t call it ‘Diet Lemme’, but ‘Culinary Journey with Lemme’.

A food program that has already helped more than 40,000 people to defeat; overweight, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, bulimia, anorexia and much more, including 2000 doctors and dieticians, who confirmed the validity of the method. Method without contraindications, which can also be followed by children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, young people, adults and the elderly, without any limitation.

The food philosophy behind the Lemme Diet, explained by Doctor Lemme

During the interview with Gazzetta, one of the numerous publications where Dr. Lemme was invited to present his food philosophy, the Food Consultant Pharmacist told how this school of thought based on food biochemistry was born.

“After 10 years of studies and research on food biochemistry – Dr. Lemme tells the Gazzetta – in 2000 I opened the Academy of Food Philosophy in Desio. Since then I have made thousands of people lose weight at the rate of 10 kilos a month. ” An amazing result, which attracted a series of criticisms on Doctor Lemme from those who considered this rhythm as naïve and to which Lemme responded with facts.

In fact, Dr. Lemme has a degree in Pharmacy and thanks to his in-depth studies he has created the new profession of Pharmacist Food Consultant, a figure legally recognized by the Italian State. His Food Philosophy is the result of in-depth research that led to the opening of the Academy thanks to which Dr. Lemme teaches this thought through seminars and cooking courses as well as producing healthy and natural foods for his customers.

And to those who accuse him that the Lemme Diet is just another plan that gives short-term but short-lasting results, Dr. Lemme reiterates that it is not a diet, but an educational method that if followed does not lead to relapses as often happens. in most restrictive diets.

With his philosophy, Doctor Lemme teaches people “to eat what they like without gaining weight. The paradox – he says himself – is that to gain weight they should eat what they don’t like. I educate to eat well, to satiety and to lose weight in health, respecting the social and working life: so it is certain that they will never regain the lost kilos “.

The Wellness Factory and Doctor Lemme’s Ristolemme

In addition to having founded his Academy in Desio, Dr. Lemme has opened La Fabbrica del Benessere; a solid ally for those who want to follow a balanced plan, but are faced with the time factor.

Thanks to cryogenic freezing processes, Dr. Lemme offers his customers many dishes, all rigorously designed to balance taste and health. The cryogenic technique allows you to freeze dishes without altering the nutritional and organoleptic properties (fragrance, texture, color, smell, etc.) of the food, providing anyone with the possibility of a ready meal in a short time.

All the dishes of Doctor Lemme’s Wellness Factory can be purchased on the site

Il Ristolemme, Doctor Lemme’s revolutionary restaurant

And for those who love to eat out, Doctor Lemme has opened the Ristolemme, a unique restaurant of its kind, guided by a new concept of catering that puts health first and wants to re-educate the diner to the flavors of those who approach this new philosophy of eating according to which: “Eating in restaurants is no longer the equivalent of damaging arteries, liver and hips, but the exact opposite”.

As explained by Dr. Lemme himself, Ristolemme is therefore “the only restaurant in the world where you eat to lose weight and more: you treat yourself with food. Where you love yourself “.

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