The MCU Is Setting Up Secret Wars For Phase 5

The MCU Is Setting Up Secret Wars For Phase 5

The MCU Is Setting Up Secret Wars For Phase 5

I think Jonathan Hickman and Kevin Feige are secretly collaborating…Or maybe not so secretly! A couple of Jonathan’s storylines have already made their way into the MCU, and we anticipate his 2015 comic run to be a possible upcoming plot for future Marvel phases. From the mentions of incursions, to the introduction of Mr. Fantastic, and our very few brief glimpses of the all powerful Living Tribunal, we feel that something big is drawing near!

And whatever it is, it is not to be taken lightly.. The days of singular physical threats, such as Obadiah Stane (if anyone can remember that far back!), are long gone. Multiversal tribulations seem to be in style, and He Who Remains has already alluded to what form some of these incoming threats may take. But it is not all Victor Von Doom and gloom! This could be the perfect way, with all the recent multiversal madness happening on screen, to incorporate Earth-1610, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Ivory Kings, and more interesting characters that have yet to fully appear! Let us see some REAL mutants! Or a cool MCU black spider suit!

So come along as I set the scene for a look at some of the interesting ways the MCU may be priming us for a dark Battleworld storyline! Like and subscribe for more engaging comic content and MCU breakdowns. And make sure to leave a comment! We are here for the deep dives, nerdy details, and explorations into some of the best universes around! Let’s begin!


0:00 Intro
0:51 Incursion
5:37 Mr. Fantastic/Doom
9:21 Celestials and the Living Tribunal

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