Super green pass for work, back to school, smart working: waiting for decisions

Super green pass for work, back to school, smart working: waiting for decisions

Super green pass at work, back to school from 10 January after the Christmas holidays, smart working. And then the extension of the vaccination obligation against Covid. These are the crucial issues of these hours on which government decisions are awaited, in light of the coronavirus infections and the Omicron variant, and especially in light of the new cases that have broken through 170 thousand in one day.

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And the spotlight is on today’s Council of Ministers and on the measures that the government will be called upon to implement, even if in all likelihood the Super green pass requirement to access the workplace – both in the public and in the private sector – will not land. in CDM, given the frictions that shake the majority. But the game is still open.

SUPER GREEN PASS – We go towards a squeeze only on some categories, those that risk sending the national health system into trouble. Among these, there could be the elderly, which risk ending up in hospital due to Covid. According to Fresno from government sources, this would be the line that seems to prevail in these hours at Palazzo Chigi, yesterday at the center of a whirlwind of meetings.

The extension of the vaccination passport should therefore arrive, but to a more limited extent, that is, touching groups of the population considered more vulnerable or categories of workers considered most exposed to risk, as has already happened for health, school and police personnel. order.

SMART WORKING – Yesterday Prime Minister Mario Draghi met with Minister Renato Brunetta in view of the Council of Ministers. An “absolutely positive” encounter. We reasoned – we learn from government sources – on the best use, for the purpose of contrasting the pandemic peak, of the flexibility in the use of smart working already provided for by the current rules, both for private and public work.

SCHOOL – As for the school chapter, despite the resistance of various regions, the government is oriented to confirm the return to school in attendance from next January 10th, without making any changes to the holiday calendar. Government sources confirmed this to Fresno. Yesterday on the subject of school, Prime Minister Draghi met the Covid Emergency Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo at Palazzo Chigi, the Ministers of Education and Health Patrizio Bianchi and Roberto Speranza.

THE REGIONS ‘PROPOSAL – On the return to school and how to manage quarantines, the Regions have hoped that the CTS will be expressed. Yesterday the governors met in the Conference of Presidents. In the document drawn up with the proposals to the government in view of returning to class, the Regions have identified thresholds: from one case for kindergarten to 3 or more cases for primary secondary schools (for subjects aged equal to or greater than 12 years) and second degree. The Regions substantially hypothesize different rules depending on whether they are the youngest students, such as at the nursery, where it is practically impossible to maintain distance and compliance with prevention measures, or at elementary school, where vaccination coverage is still low, and the over 12.

According to this scheme, the hypothesis would trigger the quarantine for the classroom at the kindergarten with only one positive Covid case. In elementary school, the hypothesis would be to keep everyone in the classroom with only one case: the contacts would remain in the classroom in self-surveillance with the recommendation to refrain from attending environments other than the school, without testing. The seven-day quarantine in this case would trigger in the presence of two or more cases, with antigen or molecular testing between the fifth and seventh day.

For the first grade secondary schools (for subjects aged 12 or over) and second grade, on the other hand, the proposal would identify a threshold of 3 or more cases to trigger seven days of quarantine with antigenic or molecular tests between the fifth and seventh day, while up to 2 cases the contacts would remain in the classroom in self-surveillance with the recommendation to refrain from attending environments other than the school, without testing.

According to the proposal of the Regions, however, the possibility of the ASL to adopt further measures to suspend the teaching in presence in the single school or institute on the basis of specific cases remains firm. According to the Regions, moreover, it would be useful “to avoid the resumption of physical education, singing and use of wind instruments, verify the correctness of the consumption of meals in the canteen, promote greater use of Ffp2 and be careful to ensure correct ventilation. classrooms “.

OTHER REQUESTS – According to what is learned, the Regions would also have asked to modify the calculation of hospitalizations for CovidIn other words, the Regions ask to revise the calculation by not including in the statistics of those hospitalized for Covid those patients who, hospitalized for other reasons, have usually been subjected to a swab and found positive, perhaps asymptomatic. The calculation of admissions affects the statistics related to pressure in hospitals up to the definition of the bands related to the restrictions.

And then clarify if and how you intend to proceed for the administration of the fourth dose of vaccine. It is one of the issues that, according to what is learned, the Regions intend to put to the government. The governors believe that if the government intends to proceed in that direction, it is necessary to organize immediately in order to continue the vaccination campaign.

Another issue that emerged, that of evaluating a wider use of DIY tests for screening purposes in some community settings.

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Written by Rebecca Bell

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