Six Nations women, France beats Italy 39-6 at the debut

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Predictable defeat for the blue led by Di Giandomenico, good in any case to make the French sweat the half of the bonus

Debut with predictable defeat for Italy against France in the women’s rugby Tik Tok Six Nations. In Grenoble they faced the 3rd and 8th strengths of the world ranking, values ​​too distant to be filled. However, the final result of 39-6 (pt 17-6, goals 5-0) does not do justice to the good performance of the Italians, courageous and technically encouraging in view of the next match of the tournament. They made the French sweat the half of the bonus up to 5 ‘from the end. And it’s not cheap. Among the blue debuts from the bench of the 19-year-old third line Alessandra Frangipane and the 25-year-old prop Emanuela Stecca, both of Villorba.

First half

Balance in the first quarter of an hour. Scored by two kicks on 3 ‘and 5’ by Caroline Drouin and Michela Sillari for 3-3. Then the greater physicality of France, as expected by the coach Andrea Di Giandomenico on the eve, takes over. Aided by the indiscipline of the blue who in the first 40 ‘concede 8 kicks. Thus arrive the 2 transformed goals. At 17 ‘of strength of the “giantess” Madoussou Fall, elected player of the match; at 25 ‘of number 8 Emeline Gros after an insistent series of advances on the axis and pick and go within 22 meters. However, Italy moves the ball better in attack. The backs show a spectacular ability to find intervals and spaces in the hand. Two breaks of the kind by Alyssa d’Incà at 32 ‘and 39’, well supported by her team mates, lead one step away from the goal. Only the last detail is missing. Too bad, Italy would have deserved it. Instead he has to settle for the second kick from Sillari in the 33rd minute, partial on 17-6. Sillari then exited in the 52nd minute for hitting his head on the ground on a hard tackle from Fall.

Second half

In the second half the difference is the suffocating pressure defense of the French, combined with the superiority in the scrum (3 of the 8 blue fouls committed in closed). Italy exceeds the half court only 3 times losing the ball for a foul in the scrum, a held, first a forward and then a stolen touch in the only action in the 70th minute in which he enters the 22 meters with a prolonged action. Everything else is France. If she hadn’t had 3 touches stolen in attack she would have probably scored earlier. The shock is given by the entry of the scrum-half Laure Sansus, irrepressible. At 58 ‘with a quick start from football he sows panic and then makes the oval travel offshore for the goal of Lea Murie. At 75 ‘it is the other impact player Emilie Boulard, usually a starter like Sansus, who leaves with a powerful gallop on action born from a stolen ball to the ground in midfield. At 78 ‘the end Cloe Jacquet closes the score, still on a decisive break from Sansus.

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