Rome, one more stop for the trams. Work on 8 from Monday: shuttles at risk of chaos

Rome, one more stop for the trams. Work on 8 from Monday: shuttles at risk of chaos

Stop at tram 8, at least for three weeks, from next Monday. Just on the day when (barring surprises) the schools reopen, the public transport of the capital loses another important piece: once again due to extraordinary maintenance work which has been postponed too many times in recent years and which have now become unpostponable. The construction sites will concern the paving of the tram lanes of viale Trastevere and of the Gianicolense ring road, to which is added the reconstruction of the ring of the terminus, in Casaletto. The line will be replaced throughout the period of closure – until January 28, except for complications – by shuttle buses (marked 8 Nav) that will make the route outside the reserved lanes.

Rome, over 600 Atac drivers in isolation: bus rides at risk

The replacement vehicles, which will arrive from the Tor Sapienza depot, will have to shoulder the passenger load usually ensured by tram 8, moreover in a period of resumption of activities (primarily educational and school ones) after the end of year holidays: possible inconvenience for users, with the H buses that will predictably be stormed. Already in the autumn the line had been suspended for a week, in the evening hours, for the first maintenance interventions. But now something more will be needed, so that tram 8 will once again be what it was designed for: a sort of light rail at the service of a particularly important quadrant of the Eternal City.

Meanwhile, on the rest of the city network, line 3 continues to travel on trams between Valle Giulia and Porta Maggiore (3L) and is replaced by buses on the rest of the route, up to Trastevere station (3Nav), due to the lack of available cars. to circulate on the rails. A problem – between breakdowns, high average age and poor maintenance – that limits the tram service, on which the Capitol is focusing a lot. With negative repercussions also on the regularly active lines: such as line 2, from piazzale Flaminio to piazza Mancini, reopened last September 18th, after almost a year of stoppage.

While waiting to start work on the new lines to be built, in the coming months the municipal administration will implement a series of extraordinary interventions on the network, thanks to a loan of 3.4 million dolars granted by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. the replacement of some sections of tracks. Among these, there are also the segments of line 8: 680 meters in both directions from via Arenula to piazza Sydney Sonnino (via Garibaldi bridge), and over a kilometer on viale Trastevere, at the height of via Cesare Pascarella and via Ippolito Nievo. 200 meters of tracks will also be replaced in Piazza Risorgimento, from the terminus exit to via Ottaviano, and another 120 meters between via Carlo Felice and via Emanuele Filiberto, in the direction of Piramide.

In the last few days, in the meantime, the restoration works of the road pavement of the Via del Mare, in Ostia, have started, which will last until January 18. Objective: to arrange about four kilometers of road from the Ostia Antica traffic light up to Cineland, where the X Town Hall and the Capitol have provided for the alternating one-way and the speed limit at thirty hours, while in a short journey of just over of a kilometer and a half a ban on transit during the works was established. The construction sites are active from 9.30 to 16 and create some slowdown especially in the afternoon, when returning from the offices.


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