Ratatics: Shutting down the Friendship Pipeline is a big task

Ratatics: Shutting down the Friendship Pipeline is a big task

Regarding the Barátság oil pipeline, Péter Ratatics said that in the last six months it has happened several times that the oil did not arrive on time at the beginning of the month. However, these were mainly delays of one or two days. He also added that they have enough reserves for several weeks even if the supply stops. And the country’s strategic reserves provide enough energy resources for several months.

Ratatics stated that the shutdown of the line at the current stage causes a task rather than a problem. That is why all scenarios are being examined to make up for the missing quantity, another alternative could be a crude oil pipeline running through the Adriatic.

However, the application of alternative solutions is made difficult by the temporary shutdown of the Dunai Finomító in Száhahalombatta, and by the fact that in recent years Mol has adopted a certain “recipe” for oil products. According to him, the best solution would be to buy crude oil from the Russian side by sea, as this is possible until next February according to the accepted sanctions.

Ratatics also reported that Mol has already made a proposal to Moscow and Kiev regarding the restart of the pipeline, but neither the Russians nor the Ukrainians have yet responded, but they expect this to happen by Wednesday.

The managing director of Mol believed that the fuel shortage in our country can be remedied primarily by eliminating price caps, as this would lead to an increase in imports.

Ratatics emphasized that, due to logistical obstacles, Mol gas stations can only be refilled “with a panting tongue”.

Ratatics also stated that Mol does not have the right to limit the amount of fuel that can be refueled at one time, but it can attach a license plate number to the transactions taking place at the official price when refueling, which information can later be sent to the NAV, where they will check that it is indeed legally refueled. with them at the respective official price.

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