Rafting: good Italy in Bulgaria

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Rafting: good Italy in Bulgaria | Wind and Sails



March 28, 2022

Domination of Italy at the first round of the Europa Cup of rafting staged over the weekend in Bulgaria with the blues of DT Paolo Benciolini who prevail in the general classification given by the sum of the points obtained in the three races held: slalom, RX and classic descent. In the Kresna gorge, a Bulgarian territory in the southwestern part of the country, a route on which our athletes felt at ease; not too technical for the long run but technical in the right places.
Zeno Martini, Lorenzo Mastella, Fabio Martini and Pietro Fratton win the general classification with 288 points. The four Veronese of the “Italia 1” crew imposed themselves on the crew called “Italia 2” and made up of the standard-bearers of the Adda viva Indomita Valtellina River Dario Morandi, Emanuele Cerchi and Riccardo Colombo with Luca Liuzzo of M&N Movimento e Natura. Second place with 282 points with Croatia and Bulgaria in the next podium positions. An Italy also protagonist in the pararafting with Marco Montagna, Rosario Sperandini (M&N Movimento e Natura), Carlo Benciolini and Nicola Speri (Rafting Pescantina) who close in third place in the overall with 227 points.
Even for women Italy does not make discounts. In general, Marianna Tedeschi (Centrosportavventura), Miriam Waldboth (DRD4), Martina Bonomi (Rafting KCC VDS) and Giulia Liuzzo (M&N Movimento e Natura) win with 292 points; second to 278 Sara Amonini, Valentina Volo, Francesca Fontanive (Adda Viva Indomita Valtellina River) and Carlotta Scalvino (Rafting Aventure Villeneuve). At 240 points, in third position, Bulgaria is the host, always behind both the Azzurri crews.
Azzurri first and second in the standings also in the mixed crew test. Duels immediately, right from the start with the “start” in line and paddling side by side up to the first rapid in the hottest phases of the downhill test. The challenge in the slalom test was very technical and with many climbing doors, which also put a strain on the physical strength of our home athletes.
Simultaneously with Vigevano, space for the national event organized by Aqqua Canoa & Rafting SSD which drew numerous crews into action. Adda Viva Indomita Valtellina River imposes itself in the men’s senior slalom with an excellent second heat and wins in front of the hosts of the Aqqua Canoa & Rafting SSD and the athletes of the RKA Rockonda. Cadets of RKA Rockonda who win in the male category with the Adda Viva Indomita Valtellina River who instead gets their hands on first place in the male and female junior and among the masters. Among the guys Adda Viva ahead of RKA Rockonda and DRD4. Rafting senior mix that sees the Adda Viva on the first two steps of the podium with the third place conquered by Vallestura Outdoor. Adda Viva Indomita Valtellina River that monopolizes the podium also in the junior mix category.

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