Quirinale: assembly of M5s senators to reconfirm Mattarella. League against Letta: “He puts too many vetoes”. Pd, Berlusconi obstacle

Quirinale: assembly of M5s senators to reconfirm Mattarella. League against Letta: “He puts too many vetoes”. Pd, Berlusconi obstacle

Almost unanimously the assembly of M5s senators gathered today for an update on the match for the Quirinale would have expressed itself to press for a reconfirmation of the current President, Sergio Mattarella. This is what sources of the Movement report, explaining that during the meeting called by the group leader Mariolina Castellone, the “party” that pushes for the request for a new mandate for the president in office would have expressed itself by a “very large majority”. Meanwhile, sources of the League close to Matteo Salvini filter irritation towards the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta. According to the League, “While Letta vetoes and wastes time, the League works to make it fast and to ensure that everyone is involved, without exception, for a choice so important for all Italians”.

In short, the road to the Colle remains narrow. Tomorrow the Speaker of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, will announce the date of the start of the voting to elect the new head of state, but the parties have not yet found either a common strategy or a name on which to converge a broad consensus. The approach maneuvers, however, are not lacking. Like those of the Lega and its leader, Matteo Salvini, who does not abandon the idea of ​​gathering the leaders of political forces around a table, before meeting again the historical allies FI and FdI. Sources in the Carroccio explain that the secretary is working “confidentially” to organize a meeting that leads to the appointment with the vote, sharing “at least a common working method”. The idea, however, does not warm the hearts of the Nazarene. “Confidential or not, until the center-right unties the Berlusconi knot it is clear that everything is frozen,” said sources of the Democratic Party. Explaining that the theme is once again the same: “To date Lega, Forza Italia and FdI already have a candidate, and it is Silvio Berlusconi”. Therefore, it is “difficult to negotiate with those who have already decided” who to support for the Colle. The only door that the dems leave open to activate a dialogue channel passes through a clear choice: because if the name on which the center-right points its chips were not Berlusconi, “or at least it wasn’t like that to the end”, then this “Must be clarified”. No frills or turns of words. The answer from via Bellerio did not take long: “While Letta vetoes and wastes time, the League works to be fast and so that everyone is involved, without exception, for such an important choice for all Italians”. Remaining in the Pd house, beyond Salvini, the “crucial step” for the Colle remains the joint meeting of the Pd parliamentary groups with the national management, scheduled for next 13 January. The secretary, Enrico Letta, wants to define with his line and method, to be shared with the allies of the Giallorossi area, or progressive if you prefer. Contacts with the leaders of M5S and Leu, Giuseppe Conte and Roberto Speranza, are frequent, also because they are political profiles that have now acquired a certain “habit”. But, still explain by the Democratic Party, even if the meeting between the three will obviously be organized in the next few days, at the moment a precise date has not yet been defined. Time that can be used by the 5 Star Movement to clarify within itself the ideas on what to do. To date, in fact, Conte’s party is a puzzle, in the Quirinale match. The largest parliamentary group in the Parliament does not yet have a line to spend in voting for the choice of the new President of the Republic, who will most likely be chosen at a joint meeting of deputies and senators in mid-January. Or at least this is the expectation of the troops, who have made it clear to the former ‘people’s advocate’ that they want to be involved in the decisions that matter. At present, however, the situation, if not really stalled, is at least in a difficult “work in progress”. The apple is split in three: on the one hand there are the parliamentarians close to the leader and the new course who follow the line of electing a woman at the Hill (even if names do not filter out). On the other hand, however, there is a substantial piece of troops who would like to bet all the chips on a second term of Sergio Mattarella. Finally, there is a small group that remains at the window to understand what the evolutions will be in view of a probable exit from the Movement. At least on one point, the majority of Cinquestelle seem to have a common denominator: Mario Draghi must not leave Palazzo Chigi. Which then is the line of the Knight, determined to play all the cards he has in the deck to fulfill the dream of going up to the Palace of the Popes as master of the house. For the man from Arcore, the return to Rome is scheduled after the Epiphany, but there are no meetings or appointments on his agenda, neither with the center-right coalition nor with other political leaders. And this too is a sign to be taken into account.

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