Paolo Conte / “I feel the future looming. Music, the time of decadence” “

Paolo Conte / “I feel the future looming. Music, the time of decadence” ”

Paolo Conte without filters in the long interview given to The print. The famous singer turns 85 and has retraced his successful career, but not only. The beginning of the dialogue is particularly significant: “Hard times? No doubt. I’ll tell you a sentence: I’ve never felt the future looming like now. Unfortunately we understand very little of what is happening, we often receive contradictory information ».

Paolo Conte revealed that he moves as little as possible in this difficult phase of the pandemic, even though his life has always been a lonely life. The artist, shortly after, admitted: “How much does music help?” My desire has passed. I haven’t touched the piano for a long time, in the evening I hear classical on Sky… I heard a good series by Rachmaninov. I don’t feel like composing, but I’ve already had long periods of abstinence, it’s just a matter of waiting for inspirations; if they arrive, they arrive, but they are always in contact with art ».


During the long interview, Paolo Conte he focused on the decadence of music: the artist pointed out that nowadays the computer is used and everything is the same: «I wonder where they enjoy; they don’t even know where they enjoy “. Paolo Conte he then spoke of the return to live music, highlighting that he had already recovered a few months ago and that the return is expected in April: «There are evenings paid and sold out, we hope to be able to do it. There is the looming of the future that is unknown, there is no weapon to read it. On the one hand I am a catastrophist, on the other I am hopeful: poised between hope and disappointment ».


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Written by Rebecca Bell

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