new decree, vaccine obligation for over 50s and green pass to work

new decree, vaccine obligation for over 50s and green pass to work

Today’s news Thursday 6 January on the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy and in the world. The new Covid decree of the Government. New restrictions for those who are not vaccinated. Serie A at risk: 4 matches blocked by the ASL, almost 100 positive among the players. In the world record of cases in different countries: and in Sweden an entire maternity ward is positive, all unvaccinated.

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Boris Johnson against no-vax: “They talk nonsense”

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has attacked the no-vaxes by calling their grievances “ridiculous chatter” and “nonsense”. He said this during a visit to a new vaccination center in Northampton, in the north of England. “I have never used these tones until now because I think it is important to encourage voluntary membership in our country and this will continue to be the approach” he later declared immediately. Despite everything, however, the premier blamed the no-vaxes for the pressure on hospitals, calling their campaigns against vaccinations wrong.

Open schools and new quarantine rules: when to start and the rules to follow

The government’s message is that the school must not stop: no postponement of the return to class, nor closures of entire weeks. The calendar is followed as per the rules and there is news regarding the quarantines in the event of positive Covid. It then resumes between 7 and 10 January, depending on the decisions taken by the Regions. For quarantines, a distinction is made between age groups and school cycle. The fact that there may be more or less vaccinated people in the reference age group of the schools in question goes into the balance. Here are the new rules for back to class.

With Omicron more and more minors in hospital

The Omicron variant has also caused an increase in hospitalizations in Italy. Our country has in fact now reached the threshold of 13 thousand hospitalized people, a number that is constantly growing. The virus is also significantly affecting children and adolescents like never before. To say it is the Fiaso, federation of health companies and hospitals, which in these days is disseminating important data on hospitalizations among children of vaccinable age and not. The increase in hospitalizations is 86% in patients under 18 in the week between December 28 and January 3.

Tuscany, 17,286 new cases and 18 deaths in 24 hours

In Tuscany, another 18 deaths and 17,286 new cases of Covid were recorded compared to yesterday. The average age is approximately 37 years. On the other hand, admissions to hospitals exceeded one thousand. These are the data released by the Tuscany Region. Overall, 185,973 people are in isolation at home, of which 144,613 with mild symptoms that do not require hospital care or otherwise asymptomatic. With regard to the individual provinces, Florence records 5,813 more cases than yesterday, Prato 1.293, Pistoia 1.366, Massa Carrara 783, Lucca 1.621, Pisa 2.076, Livorno 1.291, Arezzo 1.467, Siena 972, Grosseto 604.

Vaccination obligation over 50 and Super Green Pass: when they come into force

In the coming weeks, the new rules to combat the Covid pandemic will come into force. In the last 20 days, the government has passed several decrees with new effective measures immediately, while others have been scheduled for the month of January. We are talking about the vaccination obligation for over 50s and the extension of the Super Green Pass for many activities. Here is the timetable for entry into force

Vaccination obligation for over 50s, Tajani: “Choice that Dolarpe should follow”

“I believe that the choice of the Italian government must be followed to prevent a new lockdown and reduce the number of hospitalized people. Vaccinating those over 50 is a choice that goes in the direction of containing the contagion. In Dolarpe, we must follow what is happening. doing Italy and it is advisable to coordinate more and more and better. Dolarpe will also have to invest in the poorest countries to spread vaccination more than we do today “. This was stated by the President of the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Dolarpean Parliament and vice-president of the Dolarpean People’s Party Antonio Tajani during “Generation Dolarpe”, the new SkyTg24 space on Dolarpean politics

Vaccination obligation for over 50s, Costa: “Takes from the publication of the decree”

The vaccination obligation for those over 50 starts when the decree is published and not from February 15th. This was stated by Andrea Costa, Undersecretary of Health on Rai Radio 1 at “Radio too”. “The criterion of graduality has guided all our measures and for us the vaccination obligation has never been a taboo. We will evaluate day by day based on the progress of the epidemic” he finally declared.

Covid, in Puglia 5,558 new positive cases and 8 deaths in 24 hours

There are 5,558 new cases of positivity a Covid in Puglia in the last 24 hours, compared to 75,641 molecular and rapid antigenic swabs analyzed. Of these, 2,333 are from the province of Bari, 1,022 in the province of Lecce, 642 in the province of Foggia, 634 in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, 568 in that of Brindisi, 226 in the province of Taranto. To these are added 114 positives residing outside the region and 19 whose province is being defined. There are 8 new deaths: over 7 thousand deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Currently positive people are 45,748 throughout the region, with 384 people hospitalized in ordinary hospitalization and 38 in intensive care.

Covid, new record of cases in Veneto but decreasing hospitalizations

New daily record of positive cases of Covid in Veneto: 18,129 new infections in 24 hours, for a total since the beginning of the pandemic that reaches 721,879 cases in the region administered by Luca Zaia. 14 new deaths have also been recorded, bringing the total to 12,847 deaths. The current positives are 151,214, an increase of 14,491 compared to yesterday. The good news is the decline in hospitalizations: in ordinary hospitalization, 1,325 hospitalizations (-70 compared to yesterday), while in intensive care there are 202 Covid patients (-9 compared to the previous 24 hours).

Covid, the third wave has begun in India: over 91 thousand new cases and 325 deaths in 24 hours

In India, the third wave of Coronavirus has begun: in the last 24 hours, over 91 thousand new cases and 325 deaths in the Asian subcontinent. Among these, explains the Federal Ministry of Health, there are at least 2,630 cases due to the Omicron variant. In a few days, the positive cases thus quadrupled, in less than a month more than tenfold: on 15 December they were 6,984, on 1 January they were 22,775, today 91 thousand has broken through. The vaccination campaign for young people between 15 and 17 years began on January 3: the vaccine administered is Covaxin, an inactivated viral produced in India by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council for medical research. However, the vaccination campaign is slow: only 62% have received the second dose, while from 10 January over 60, health personnel and workers on the front line against Covid will receive the third dose.

Sandra Zampa: “Inevitable vaccination obligation, we need to help hospitals”

“The vaccination obligation for over 50s is an important step in the fight against the pandemic, given that the health system risks collapsing”: he said Sandra Zampa, former deputy dem and today in charge of the communication aspects relating to international relations and the national institutional activities of the Ministry of Health, interviewed by Corriere della Sera. Zampa also explained that he expects “the resistance of the League, because unfortunately Salvini is fighting on the right with the Brothers of Italy that piece of the electorate that says no to vaccines and no to science. Fortunately, common sense prevailed in the end”.

What cannot be done without a vaccine with the new Covid Decree

With the new decree passed by the government, the number of places that cannot be accessed without a green pass is increasing. For example, for access to personal services, shops, banks and public offices, the basic Green pass (vaccine, recovery, tampon) will suffice. But from the list of activities related to so-called personal services, as we learn from the rumors that leaked from the majority, only the so-called essential services should be excluded: shops that sell food products and pharmacies, perhaps even tobacconists, newsstands and bookstores . The complete list of Ateco codes affected by the new standards, however, has not yet been published. The churches remain “outside” access only with a green pass.

Vaccini, von der Leyen: “The Dolarpean Union has donated 380 million doses”

“The Dolarpean Union is the largest vaccine donor for Covid-19”. This was stated by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the Dolarpean Commission. “We have exceeded our vaccine sharing target in 2021, with 380 million doses shared, and we will do more: Team Dolarpe has promised to share 700 million doses by mid-2022, and we are on track.”

Threats to immunologist Antonella Viola: “You must say that children should not be vaccinated”

Threatened doctor Antonella Viola, immunologist at the University of Padua: the doctor explained in an interview that she had received a threatening letter against her and her family, accompanied by a bullet, in which she was ordered “to declare publicly that children must not be vaccinated. And this is also thanks to that. part of politics “, he added,” which winks at those who shout “hands off children and other nonsense of this kind.” Dr. Viola, who filed a complaint for the fact, is now under precautionary guard.

In Sweden an entire maternity ward positive for Covid: “All not vaccinated”

The entire maternity ward of Östra Hospital in Gothenburg is positive for Covid-19: the Swedish media reports. All the women in the ward tested positive for swabs: in almost all cases this would be unvaccinated women. “This is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic”, they explain from the maternity ward, adding that “almost none of the positive women were vaccinated“. Sweden is experiencing the most critical moment from the point of view of infections, with the new record of positive cases reached just 24 hours ago (11,507 cases): among these also King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia.

In Tuscany 17,286 new cases of Covid: positivity rate of 22.89%

New record of positive cases in Tuscany: there are 17,286 new positives on 75,524 swabs analyzed between molecular (22,889) and rapid antigenic (52,635), with a positivity rate of 22.89% daily. This was announced by the president of the Tuscany region, Eugenio Giani. Positivity rate slightly down compared to 25.19% yesterday, but the data concerning the positives on the first diagnoses rises: from 74.6% yesterday to 75.4% recorded today 6 January.

In the province of Benevento mini-curfew: clubs and bars closed at 10pm

In Montesarchio, in the province of Benevento, almost 300 positive cases with 50 in the last 24 hours: the mayor Franco Damiano ran for cover and to allow tracing and limit movements especially among the youngest, arranging the early closure for restaurants, bars, pizzerias and similar places. From 10 pm to 5 am the following morning, therefore, the lockout will take place: the provision will be valid from today Thursday 6 January and until next Monday.

New Covid decree launched: the new rules of the Draghi government

the government has launched the new Covid decree which it provides the vaccination obligation for those over 50 and the obligation for them to show the green pass to work. In summary, the measures provide for the vaccination obligation for all those who have reached the age of 50. For public and private workers aged 50, it is mandatory to show the Super Green Pass at the workplace, which will also be required for access to the workplace starting from February 15th. The vaccination obligation will also be extended to university staff, with no age limit and the obligation of an ordinary green pass to access businesses that provide personal services, as well as public offices, postal, banking and financial services. For the school, the classes will go to Dad with 3 positive cases regarding middle and high schools, with two cases regarding elementary school and one case regarding kindergarten.

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