«Mild symptoms, I can work from home. I had to take the third dose … “

«Mild symptoms, I can work from home. I had to take the third dose … ”

BASSANO – «It took you 22 months to catch me, but you finally succeeded. I should have done the third dose of vaccine in a few days, but you got in your way. Fortunately the symptoms are very slight and I can alwork from home. Always forward! ». The mayor Elena Pavan he is at home after the positivity at Covid and publishes a photo of him where he smiles and barely appears fatigued, unlike the usual dazzling forms. Also show a detail of the positive swab certificate.

Give him good wishes to the positive swab

He had greeted all his fellow citizens at the end of 2021 saying that the year should be let go without grown-ups nostalgia. “We were thinking about restarting after the covid, but the covid is not really gone yet. And we close with the awareness that we have given our all to manage this phase in order to fulfill our commitments with the city of Bassano. Much has been done and much remains to be done. Let us welcome the coming year together with humility and patience, but with confidence in a better future ”he wrote on December 31st.

First “pro vax” town

Then in the first days of the year, on the eve of Epiphany, the bad news. But there are all the elements why sick days pass quickly. The Northern League mayor guarantees that she is strong enough to be able to work from the isolation of her home. Bad luck would have it that the virus reached her just before the third dose, which would probably have made her safer. Elena Pavan, in a political majority in which very no-vax figures stand out, on the other hand, has been arguing for some time pro vaccine positions, even having the Pfizer publicly inoculated in mid-November, in the town hall, together with several other administrators from Bassano and the territory, immortalized with the sign “I vaccinate myself“.

Many comments from his “social friends”. The most ironic, referring to a local broadcaster, commented: «Best wishes, get well soon … I wonder what the TV will say now? Pavan’s fault if Pavan took the covid? ».

Vaccine in the town hall for Elena Pavan. In the title, in the office and at home with Covid (photo from the mayor’s Fb page)

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