Mattarella mentions the professor of Ravanusa. The son: “I’ll tell you who my father was”

Mattarella mentions the professor of Ravanusa. The son: “I’ll tell you who my father was”

Rome, January 1, 2022 – The professor and the president. Sergio Mattarella in his end-of-year speech to the Italians he paid special attention to Peter Carmina, the teacher killed in the Ravanusa massacre of 11 December with his wife Carmela Scibetta and seven other people.

The head of state quoted a passage from the farewell letter from the professor to his boys, written when he retired in 2018, and went viral on the net after his death, winning the hearts of Italians. Mattarella borrowed the professor’s words to the young people, that invitation not to be “spectators but protagonists of the history you live today. Get in, get your hands dirty, bite your life, do not adapt, commit yourselves, never give up on pursuing your goals, even the most ambitious ones, put those who cannot do it on your shoulders. You are not the future, you are the present “.

Son Mario Carmina, 29, who lives and works in Milan, confides on the phone: “It was exciting. Not only because Mattarella did it but because it became an appeal to the kids, to everyone. I hope that young people, even those of my age, can take inspiration “.

His father entered the hearts of Italians.
“He has always done things with love. RI remember when he heard about his retirement, he was traveling with his boys, he was in Brussels. He wasn’t very happy. Because he still had a lot of strength and desire to do, for school and for his kids. He hoped that day would come as late as possible. “

That farewell letter is a moral testament.
“Especially when he says that life is not a scratch card but you have to bite. Land we have to overcome difficulties with our own strength “.

Her beloved only child, she became an orphan in seconds. The investigation will have to clarify what happened.
“To this day I still can’t understand everything that has happened. I live and work in Milan but above all since my father retired we saw each other much more often. He I came to see me I was expecting nothing more than to take two days off to go down to them “.
A splendid report.

“Yes, with both. Not so common among parents and children. Cwe were heard that Saturday morning “.

It was December 11th. In the evening at 20.35 the tragedy. What did her father leave you?

“Tanti teachings, so many memories that I will never forget. Our chats after work, from 6 to 7 pm. To talk about everything: about our affairs, about politics, about sport. After my parents died, I received messages of affection and closeness from people never seen and heard before, who proved to be really close. From all over Italy. This also moved me. “

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Written by Rebecca Bell

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