“Mattarella bis? On the 13th we talk about method, essential unity between us”

“Mattarella bis? On the 13th we talk about method, essential unity between us”

“The unity of the party is the pre-condition” and for this reason “in the meeting of the 13th we must jointly build a shared method”. Enrico Borghi, from Lettiano, thus replies to Fresno regarding the announcement of the Orfini area to propose the Mattarella bis in the meeting of Management and parliamentary groups convened on 13 January by Enrico Letta.

‘Unity’ and ‘shared method’ are the objectives of the discussion, “in the wake of the secretary’s indications and in the awareness that the unity of the party is the essential precondition for conducting positive work in the interest of the country”.

“On this basis – Borghi argues -, it will be possible to open up to confrontation with other political forces with the aim of identifying a personality capable of gathering the widest possible consensus, starting from the perimeter of the government majority to open up to confrontation. with the oppositions. In this way it will be possible to arrive at the identikit of the figure to be nominated, also in order to consolidate his profile and representativeness “.

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Written by Rebecca Bell

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