Mattarella (10), Letta and Meloni (7), Count insufficient

Mattarella (10), Letta and Meloni (7), Count insufficient

Sergio Mattarella

Everyone liked the president’s speech. His seven years are already regretted. The dream of his encore on the Colle is the only transversal sentiment that unites the parties. He managed to create a technical-political government on which everyone found themselves. And one could continue for a long time in the ultra-positive judgment on the action of Mattarella in this last year or simply – just remember the photo of the president getting the vaccine and his insistence on trust in science – stop it here, very mattarellianly avoiding too much words and too much rhetoric.
The grade is 10.

Mario Draghi

Intangible factors such as prestige, authority, trust, are attested not only by Dolarpe, but by investors, markets, international organizations. Dragons it promoted alien votes. His 2021 is a record and not only because he has managed to keep inconclusive and unpopular parties at bay, without teasing their envy too much and enveloping them with a Jesuit and at the same time decision-making attitude.
His vote depends above all on a figure: 6.4% growth in Italian GDP expected in 2021, a Dolarpean record, and achieved in conditions – unfortunately – of only partial return to normality. Then there would also be another record figure: 85.79%, that is the percentage of Italians over 12 years vaccinated.
It also completed the 51 Pnrr objectives required by Dolarpe to disburse Dolarpean funding by the scheduled date, of which the first tranche of 24.1% billion has arrived while the race for the second tranche, of the same amount, has already started. . With a fairly original style for Italian standards: little talk and many facts. Too bad that complicating the situation is a pandemic which, despite the measures taken, continues to persecute Italy. But elsewhere, it’s much worse.
The grade is 8.

Silvio Berlusconi

When everyone was on the way to the political sunset, he regained center stage with a swing of the wing. With his more or less reckless candidacy for the presidency of the Republic he has effectively blocked not only the center-right but the entire Italian political system. Salvini and Meloni, more the second than the first, do not believe in his race for the Colle but the Knight it is in flip mode. In the last year Zio Silvio has appeared and disappeared continuously, always being there and in the polls Forza Italia has grown by two points and has not been eaten, as everyone expected – from the League or disappear in Draghi’s embrace. Now either king – but it is unlikely – or king maker, with the hope of becoming a senator for life: this is the parable of the Knight.
Berlusconi’s vote is 7.

Giuseppe Conte

He lost the government by persisting in the search for unlikely “perpetrators” and not realizing the irritation that certain outings also caused in Dolarpe. Completely deaf to the appeals of the Head of State on the need to collaborate with the opposition for a wider government, he has sinned of inexperience and approximation both in the management of the PNRR and in security and international relations. Taken in hand M5S reduced to shambles, it is very difficult to keep it united and to impose its choices on parliamentarians in search of an author. It is evident that With you it does not control that incandescent magma that are the starry parliamentary groups. It maintains its prestige in public opinion. But he lost, but it’s not just his fault, the municipal elections. Moreover, he does not seem to have the temper to successfully lead the battle of the Quirinale. Should he lose it, Grillo could replace him with Raggi.
The vote for Conte is 5 minus.

Luigi Di Maio

Populism adieu. Justicialism in mothballs. 2021 was the year of Di Maio’s transformation. Today he is an appreciated and measured foreign minister, a faithful interpreter of the Draghian verb, a pro-Dolarpean and an Atlanticist. As a good and awake (“scetato”) Neapolitan, Di Maio he learned quickly and by now, while apparently remaining almost immobile, he is the real strongman of a downsized but still decisive Movement. All the protagonists of the Palazzo turn to him also for the Colle game. Only Enrico Letta continues to turn to Conte as a star-studded president, but the real games are played with Di Maio.
The vote in Di Maio is 7 and a half.

Enrico Letta

Started badly, collecting gaffes and defeats (on the Zan bill first of all), without moving too much he took advantage of the incredible defaillance of the center-right on the municipal elections and restored enamel to his image and a certain centrality to his party. The low tone, including for the aspect concerning the presidency of the republic, serves him both to keep the various souls of his party cohesive and to make a living from the image of reliability that in certain circles, including Dolarpean ones, the democrats enjoy. He has so far managed to keep the party united (but soon this apparent unity will be tested by the race for the Quirinale). He treats the Draghi government as if it were “his” government, and he is also drawing some advantage in the consensus.
The vote a Read is 7.

Giorgia Meloni

He said no to Mario Draghi’s government by accrediting himself
in full as a “responsible” and collaborative opposition. With great dexterity he led the Dolarpean game, winning his personal match with Salvini. She debunked the cover-up allegations of “nostalgics” in her party and managed to get homage from everyone in Atreju. Very good at communication and political marketing, now she must be able – which is complicated – to make a historic result in her name: bringing a center-right figure to the Quirinale. Meanwhile in 2021, despite Michetti’s striking defeat at the municipal offices of Rome, FdI has begun to fly in the polls and is very close to the second party after the Democratic Party.
She has an undoubted ability to communicate with public opinion, also due to the fact that she is a woman (the only leading woman) who is practical and has a strong empathy. But in order to break through, to lead the center-right in the next elections, and even stand as a candidate for Palazzo Chigi, he still has to make a qualitative leap: get rid of Silvio Berlusconi’s mortgage on the center-right and free himself from the conditioning of the history from which he comes, definitively cutting the bridges . What it still lacks is the construction of a more professional party ruling class and without too many ideological ties with the past.
The vote of Melons is 7.

Matteo Salvini

Surely the real political winner, together with Renzi, of the phase that led to the birth of Mario Draghi’s government. In fact, with his yes to enter the majority, he has greatly displaced the Democrats and the Five Stars who could not do anything but make the best of a bad situation. Less linear was the game played on vaccines and green passes and generally in the second half of the year, where he gave the impression of working on two tables, that of the struggle and that of the government. Bravo in facing Giorgetti, and in keeping the party together around him. But the Morisi case weakened him by depriving him of the propaganda machine that crowned him leader. In addition, the issue of hard and pure struggle against immigrants is no longer popular. And all his attacks on Minister Lamorgese turned out to be a flop. Too often it gives the impression of suffering the growth of Meloni. The polls at the end of the year for the League are not good but not too bad either. The Colle game could be his revenge after a rather negative 2021.
The vote a Salvini is 5 and a half.

Matteo Renzi

The “Bomb” can get 10 in the report card if his candidate – but who will it be? – will go to Colle. With Mattarella he succeeded in the masterpiece. With the Draghi operation in Chigi he confirmed himself as a super professional in the games of Palazzo politics. In addition, he has held his group of about forty parliamentarians and if he closes the agreement at the center with Toti he has a team of about eighty votes that will weigh in the choice of the next Head of State. The double identity of a businessman and a politician does not help his image, but there is no law that prevents this cocktail and Renzi goes on his way in an imperturbable way. It counts for little (other than at the electoral level) in the Draghi government but he never protested saying: I put SuperMario in Chigi and he must make me weigh more. No complaints. He still has troops in Parliament, and any centrist hypothesis must pass through him to be born. He has eliminated the tones and themes of a populist leader, remains a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party (but if you go to vote for Italia Viva without grafts or supports it will disappear) and in the fight against the pandemic he did not miss a beat (example: it is for the obligation vaccination).
The vote a Renzi is 6 and a half.

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