Intrecci Academy-Luiss Business School, master to train destination manager

Intrecci Academy-Luiss Business School, master to train destination manager

To train professionals able to build an innovative tourist offer, integrated with local peculiarities, which contributes to transforming the unexpressed potential of our territories into a concrete opportunity for development and enhancement of their own excellence. This is the goal that Luiss Business School, leader in excellent management training, in collaboration with the Accademia Intrecci, an established reality in the hospitality sector, intends to pursue with the Master in Management of Cultural and Creative Enterprises – Major in Sustainable Tourism, Destination management strategies and techniques for the development and enhancement of territories.

The initiative aims to enrich the training context by providing or strengthening the managerial skills necessary for the conception and implementation of innovative business models for the tourism sector, particularly valuable for our country. Despite a particularly comforting picture, in fact, we are still facing a sector that does not express an adequate impact on our economy due to the shortcomings and segmentations present in our overall offer. An offer not able to adequately enhance the cultural, historical, artistic, landscape and food and wine heritage of our country. Starting from this consideration, Luiss Business School and the Intrecci Academy have devised a project aimed at training professionals who have the tools to promote the improvement of the quality of our tourist offer, making it more structured, integrated and competitive at an international level.

An innovative proposal, based on local peculiarities and excellences, which exploits technology, digitization and computerization to overcome the infrastructural criticalities of our country, intercepts old and new needs, favors the increase in the demand for quality by Italian and foreign visitors and increase their permanence, creating tangible economic and social added value. Figures who, strengthened by a broad and transversal training, make the provisions of the Borghi Plan of the Pnrr concretely feasible – which aims, in fact, at a sustainable and quality growth of the entire Italian territory starting from small communities – and who aim at dialogue with national and local institutions and with the actors who, for various reasons, are active on the territory, to operate in the perspective of that public-private partnership that can be the engine for an epochal change.

Luigi Abete, president of the Luiss Business School, introduced the meeting with these words: “Tourism is a market, and not a sector, in which we must invest to enhance the villages in line with the tourist demand which is greater than in reality we can offer. The objective of this course is that the people who attend it come and stay in the territories, giving them the tools with quality and effective, level training “.

Concept reiterated at the end by Dominga Cotarella, CEO of Famiglia Cotarella, founder of the Intrecci Academy and of the Cotarella Foundation: “Intrecci was born from a meeting with the mayor of a small village, Castiglione in Teverina, in the upper Tuscia, to give the to a small company to be the absolute protagonist of our project. I am talking about Intrecci because without this school I would not have had the opportunity to meet Luiss and there would have been no birth of this Master. Our goal is to combine Luiss’s managerial experience with that dedicated to Intrecci’s art of welcoming. Those who welcome us leave us a mark. We want to address this Master to young people, and not only, of the territory to train professionals and managers of the territory in the area so as to tell about it in the world. Our goal is to increase managerial skills because any form of beauty must be transformed into economic growth. For the first time this Master brings together the private and the public to train new managers who know the heritage of the territory and can dialogue with institutional figures “.

The Master in Management of Cultural and Creative Enterprises – Major in Sustainable Tourism, Destination management strategies and techniques for the development and enhancement of territories, starting in October 2022, after a first phase, with lessons at Villa Blanc, Luiss Business headquarters School, will move to the residential campus of the Intrecci Academy. A choice that will allow students to deepen the needs, opportunities and options for building and strengthening managerial skills that are increasingly valuable in the field.

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