how, when and what is best to use as an antiaging skin treatment

how, when and what is best to use as an antiaging skin treatment

Although they cause many doubts, especially for people with combination or oily skin, Facial oils have grown at a dizzying pace in the industry ranking Popularity of the product beauty. Today, using these products has become one got to in many beauty routines thanks to all their skin benefits.

The pharmacist Rocío Escalante, owner of Arbosana pharmacy and expert in dermocosmetics, explains that oils are more suitable for moisturizing mature or very dry skin, but can also be used for others. Only you have to look at the formulaand make sure it is adapted to the skin type and the problem we want to improve.

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“The misconception about facial oils and their incompatibility with oily skin is behind us. Various studies have shown that the skin, whatever its nature, always benefits from the use of vegetable oils for its care,” explains Mar Sieira, pharmacist , botanical expert and CEO of Sarah Becquer.

If this is the case for you, it explains that you should make sure that it is a non-comedogenic product. Don’t be afraid of oil, the nature of skin is oily and providing it with healthy fatty acids has many benefits for its health and balance. “Oils like jojoba or coriander have properties that regulate sebum secretion and balance oily skin”Comment.

To apply the oil, Escalante recommends that we use a small amount: two to four drops are enough. First, warm the product in your hands and then apply it to the face, neck and décolleté with light pressure. It can also be gently massaged in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

The oil is used after cleansing the skin and using the serum. And in principle, according to the pharmacist, it replaces the cream. Although currently most of them are meant to serve as a serum or added bonus to the beauty routine.

Charlotte Tilbury Oil

Due to its texture, it is more pleasant to apply them at night, but they can also be used during the day and there are some specially designed for that moment. Also, certain skin types, like dry skin, really appreciate it when they get one calming feeling of intense nourishment in the morning thanks to you.

In addition, they are excellent for facial massages with guashas or rollers, creating a whole ritual thanks to them sensuality.

Among all the options we found, these are our favorites:

Wine Elixir anti-aging facial oil

Wine Elixir Replenishing Firming Face Oil by Apivita. A unique combination of light oils and essential oils enriched with powerful anti-aging molecules, the polyphenols of grapeseed oil. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin firmness and elasticity, moisturizes, nourishes and protects against oxidative stress and external factors.

The company recommends using it alone or before your day and/or night cream and avoiding the eye area.

Price: 45.99 dolars 32.77 dolars.

Charlotte Tilbury Oil

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil. With a new generation of plant-based collagen, plant extracts and superfood seed oils. It is non-greasy and with a non-comedogenic formula. The skin is radiant, perfected, even and firm. The makeup artist has bottled the look that lingers on the skin after a spa session.

The brand recommends pairing it with a moisturizer and using it morning and night before.

Price: 72.90 dolars.

Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil Serum for Face Charlotte Tilbury

Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil Serum for Face Charlotte Tilbury


Essential Oil Nectar 8 Global Anti-Aging Flowers by Darphin. A masterful blend of 8 precious flowers and over 20 essential plant extracts in a lightweight, non-comedogenic, fast-absorbing formula enriched with 24k Gold for radiant, youthful skin. It is designed to detoxify skin, reduce fine lines and restore natural radiance, suppleness, tone and firmness.

The company recommends using it after cleansing and before the cream.

Price: 150 dolars.

nutritional oil

Sarah Becker Nutritional Oil. A nourishing and anti-aging dry face oil. Made from vegetable oils full of concentrated antioxidant, repairing, moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients, it delays aging and beautifies the face. In addition, it has the ability to balance oily skin thanks to coriander seed, jojoba, peony or grapeseed oil, among others.

It can be used alone or mixed with the products that make up your cosmetic routine. It is also excellent as a make-up base.

Price: $59.90.


Timexpert Rides Nutrition Absolute Elixir by Germaine de Capuccini. An exceptionally nourishing moisturizing facial oil that harnesses the power of 13 plant oils to provide skin with the omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants needed for a flawless complexion. With daily use, skin feels more nourished, dense and rejuvenated. Helps reduce all wrinkles and reduce the most noticeable signs of aging.

It can be used alone or before the usual treatment cream. It can also be used on dry or slightly damp skin.

Price: $50.00.


Superfood Face Oil by Elemis London. A nutrient-rich facial oil that unlocks 9 antioxidant-rich superfoods. Leaves skin radiant, smooth, hydrated, intensely nourished and healthier.

The brand recommends using it on a washed face before moisturizer.

Price: 58 dolars 40.60 dolars.

ELEMIS Superfood Nourishing Face Oil 15ml Elemis

ELEMIS Superfood Nourishing Face Oil 15ml Elemis

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Revitalizing oil with jasmine extract for the face by Chanel. An emblematic product of the Maison, created in 1927 by Gabrielle Chanel. Contains an extract of Jasmine de Grasse, exclusive to Chanel. It has a smoothing, nourishing and strengthening effect. The skin appears more radiant and expression lines are reduced.

It can be used daily or as a treatment and applied before or mixed with the cream.

Price: 110 dolars.

The composition of a beauty oil does not carry water, in this they differ from creams that contain water and moisturizing substances. But advances in the cosmetics industry have made it possible sorts it has allows the oil to penetrate deeper and provides a faster-absorbing texture.


Guerlain Advanced Youth Aqueous Oil. It combines the strongest bee products selected by Guerlain research. It has a 95% natural formula and with it the skin is tightened and appears visibly younger. It is designed to be used before the cream like a serum or in addition to the latter to give the skin a plus.

Price: 58.80 dolars/30 ml.

GUERLAIN Abeille Royale Advanced Aqueous Youth Oil Advanced Aqueous Youth Oil 30ml

GUERLAIN Abeille Royale Advanced Aqueous Youth Oil Advanced Aqueous Youth Oil 30ml

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Oil-in-water rehydration serum

LPG Endermologie Rehydrating Oil-in-Water Serum. Another option with a lighter texture, perfect for summer. It is intended to be used as a serum. Strengthens the skin barrier and activates the flow of moisture, which stimulates regeneration.

Price: $79.50.

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