Fan buys $40,000 in company stock to get a new F-Zero – Fresno

Fan buys $40,000 in company stock to get a new F-Zero – Fresno

A long time fan of Nintendo he bought $40,000 worth of shares of the company (5.6 million yen, to be exact) just to have the right to speak at a stockholders’ meeting and demand a new one F zero.

The fan put the question directly to President Shuntaro Furukawa. In reality, it was quite cryptic, asking him if he had considered the possibility of rebooting some fan-loved franchises, most notably the F-Zero, which has been frozen since 2004.

That person could have won the Fan of the Year award if PlayStation players hadn’t started sending Sony Santa Monica developers photos of their penises as a bargaining chip for the God War: Ragnarok release date.

Anyway, the Nintendo fan who wanted to remain anonymous does have one Twitter profileInsider said he bought 100 Nintendo shares at 56,430 yen each after selling stakes in another company: “I’ve been playing Nintendo titles since I was a kid, and most importantly, I never get tired of the F-Zero’s sense of speed.”

The VGC site translated Fukurawa’s response to the fan’s question: “Realistically, it’s very difficult to create new games and remakes, including sequels, for all the Nintendo franchises fans want, but we’re grateful and appreciate the expectations our fans have for our games.

Shinnya Takahashi, an executive at the company, was more optimistic: “We’re constantly evaluating how to develop new titles and remakes that will appeal to many players.

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Written by Rebecca Bell

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