Cdm January 5, towards vaccination obligation for those who do not work and ‘2G’ for over 50s

Cdm January 5, towards vaccination obligation for those who do not work and ‘2G’ for over 50s

The control room on 29 December chaired by Prime Minister Draghi (Ansa)

Rome, January 5, 2022 – Over 50s they will have to present the certification ‘2G’ (vaccinated or cured) at work, vaccination obligation for those who do not work. Expansion of the use of smart working, schools reopened regularly. These are the communications received by the Regions from the government after the meeting of the control room on anti-Covid measures. At 17.30 the meeting of Cabinet.

The government is working on new measures to curb the surge in infections caused by the variant Omicron and news on the two hot topics are expected, school and work. The hypotheses on the table, for the extension of the Super Green pass and the vaccination obligation, were different, also due to the differences between the parties of the majority. Since yesterday evening the idea of ​​introducing has taken hold the obligation for the most fragile categories and for the age groups most at risk. Now the direction seems to be that of the vaccination obligation for those who do not work and of the ‘2G’ certification for those over 50 at work. Other dossiers under discussion are those of the rules for the Dad at school and the circular for smart working in the Pa.

The Covid bulletin of January 5: new records of infections

Super Green passed to work, the hypothesis: “Gradual Obligation”

The president of the National Association of Principals (NPC) Antonello Giannelli spoke about the school this morning: “We have always been for the school in the presence. actual plan with goals to achieve then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take two / three weeks of dad and yet achieve the objectives. The increase in the percentage of vaccinated pupils goes first, “he said Giannelli.

Quarantine with third dose: what to do if positive or in case of close contact

Back to school, Regions: stop physical education and singing. Dad, different rules for ages

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