at what age will you be able to leave work from 31 December 2022?

at what age will you be able to leave work from 31 December 2022?

The new year of pensions presents itself with positive nuances for the checks that grow a little. But – precise amounts aside – flexibility in output remains in 2022 hanging on old, experimental and above all provisional systems and schemes. The revision of the Fornero law is currently entrusted to three tables, but the exact timetable is not yet known. Without changes, in a year the exit channels would remain only the ordinary ones, never ceased since 2012: 67 years of age for old age or 42 years and 10 months of contributions for the advance payment (one less for women). It will not happen, the age will certainly be lower.

Who retires this year

It ended after three years of experimentation Quota 100 after three years, it passes to Quota 102 for those who add 64 years of age and 38 of contributions. But Quota 102 is “for a few” stuff. A maximum of 16,800 workers The first releases for Quota 102 will be in May and August, due to the legal windows of three and six months provided for private and public employees who meet the requirements.

Woman option has been super confirmed. This is an option that allows early exit to employees and self-employed women who have reached the age of 58 or 59, respectively, in 2021 and can count on 35 years of contributions. The windows are very long, 12 months for employees and 18 months for the self-employed: women, born within 1963 or 1962, will leave their jobs between the end of this year and next. The audience involved is 17,000 women.

The social Ape has been confirmed for 2022 and extended to more demanding tasks: from 15 to 23 categories. Just over 20 thousand “beekeepers” this year. The contributions requested from builders and potters to be able to apply for the Ape and thus leave work at 63 years of age drop from 36 to 32 years.

For those who access retirement with the Fornero law, no changes are expected for 2022, neither in the methods of access nor in the calculation system applied for the social security allowance. This year, between Quota 102, the Woman Option and the Enlarged Social Ape, there will be approximately 55,000 workers in potential early exit in 2022.

Pensions: 2023 hypotheses for leaving work

The unions ask for a lot of flexibility in leaving for everyone from 62 years of age or 41 years of contributions. The stakes of Draghi (but presumably of whoever will be premier) are pension advances in exchange for the contribution recalculation: pension based on how much has been paid then. The problem is that with the contribution recalculation, the allowance for many workers with discontinuous careers, periods of layoffs, precarious work, low wages is destined to be at the limit of the poverty line. The unions are also asking for a guarantee pension that allows young people with large contribution gaps to have decent pensions, equity for hard work and women. A lot of meat in the fire: there is time to organize a real reform that goes beyond Fornero. Months of hard confrontation are expected.

The firm point is that all possible corrections will remain only and only in the wake of the contribution system: with the salary method we mean the calculation of the pension allowance on the basis of the latest salaries, while with the contribution method the amount of contributions actually taken into account paid. The most pessimistic estimates show that for 60% of those who entered the world of work in the mid-1990s, the amount will be below the poverty line, also considering that there is no minimum integration. The 2011-2012 Fornero pension reform has already prepared numerous changes to the Italian social security system, marking the definitive transition from the salary to the contributory method.

Ape Sociale or Tridico plan from 2023: what can happen and who will leave their jobs

For 2023 the chances of success are nil due to the hypothesis of early retirement with 62 years, released from the contribution recalculation of the check, which is contained in the unitary pension platform delivered by the unions to Palazzo Chigi. Instead, there will be a starting point of sharing on the approach that assumes fully contributory early departures from 2023 and on the enlargement of the social Ape basin. And, in this sense, a signal has already arrived with the government’s okay to the amendment to the maneuver that brings down the contribution threshold for access to the social Ape for construction workers and inserts potters among the strenuous tasks for which you can use the Retirement Advance.

The “Ape Sociale” pension advance can be the backbone of the reform: today it allows early retirement, without any economic burden, to specific categories of workers who have reached a certain age (plus other requirements). The social Ape, where Ape stands for pension advance, is an allowance paid by the State intended for individuals – currently based on 63 or more years of age in particular difficult conditions, for example because they have carried out heavy work for years either because they assist a spouse with a disability or because they have found themselves unemployed without the possibility of becoming fully retired for reasons of age – who need financial help before they can access the retirement pension.

The measure of the Social Ape, introduced in 2017, with the maneuver was also extended to 2022. From 2023 it could be extended to many more workers than in the past, becoming the basis of the reform.

For the pension reform, the president of the INPS Tridico continues to propose a compromise solution based on the exchange between flexibility and contribution recalculation of the allowance. It is certainly not new, it has been a long time since the president of the institute has supported this proposal without, however, finding too much consensus. In this case, it could be possible to anticipate the exit to 64 years by obtaining only the contribution part of the check. Then from the age of 67 you would also receive the salary part: a solution that has so far passed under the radar but which would perhaps become acceptable even for the unions if that “64 years” became “62 or 63 years”. Satrem to see.

No increase in retirement age at least until 2025

No increase in the retirement age at least until December 31, 2024. This is established by the decree of the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, of October 27, which explains that future changes to the retirement age will be linked to the increase in ” life expectancy “, which will be calculated only from 1 January 2023. In summary, therefore, until 2024 the age required for both the old-age pension and the social allowance pension is” frozen “at 67 years. But with the reform, not one, but more ways will be found to allow thousands of workers to leave their jobs earlier, in advance, for 62-63 years, without too heavy cuts on the monthly allowance compared to the figure that would be obtained at 67. years.

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