Amputate my leg, I can’t take it anymore

News: Amputate my leg, I can’t take it anymore
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An accident during a military exercise resulted in Shona Brownlee being seriously injured and, after suffering for a long time, she was forced to have her right leg amputated. She fell and got up despite her life putting her before very hard tests, until she became one of the top athletes of her national team.

Shona Brownlee during a competition at the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.

Musician. He enlists in the Royal Air Force and joins his Majesty’s aviation gang. She is seriously injured during a military drill and her life changes for her, forcing her to make an extreme, courageous decision. The story of Shona Brownlee slips on the slopes of the Paralympic Games: in the sit-ski the British skier is one of the strongest despite her debut being quite recent, her presence on the track is the tangible testimony that willpower is everything and nothing is lost.

The Scottish-born athlete did not stop, not even when fate put her before a very hard choice to make: to stay with a severely compromised and perennially painful right leg or choose to lose it, let the surgeon amputate it by applying it a prosthesis.

A terrible decision, taken as an extreme remedy for a physical condition that has become unbearable. He believed that this malaise would go away in time, with patience and medical therapy. He has never abandoned her, making it impossible for her to do what she has always wanted: playing her favorite instrument – the French horn – in an orchestra or band, transforming what was a nurtured passion into a profession by studying first at the Birmingham Conservatoire and then at ‘Arizona State University in America. She had found an opportunity in the British Air Force at least until the fatal accident happened to her.

The athlete can’t take it anymore, the request in the conference at the Olympics is curious: “Do you have one?”

It all happened at the end of the basic military training: in 2012 he put one foot wrong, fell and suffered what appeared to be a “simple” sprained ankle. He continued training and exercise but upon returning to headquarters he had a nasty surprise. “When I went back to base and took off my amphibian – Brownlee told the BBC -, my leg was black and blue, it was swollen up to the knee and very swollen”.

Her ordeal began then and lasted for 6 years: she was diagnosed with a complex regional pain syndrome that causes persistent and disabling severe pain. She tried different solutions to be able to heal, from intensive rehabilitation to surgery, but it was useless and in 2018 (after living with that disease) she decided to have her limb removed: “Nothing worked – she added -. I was stuck on crutches with a leg that didn’t work. There was nothing more to be done and I chose to have my leg amputated below the knee”.

A prosthesis helped her to resume her usual life which again had a turning point when, during rehabilitation, an advertisement caught her attention: she would have started skiing. She did it thanks to equipment (sit ski) that allowed her to try her hand on the slopes. She fell and got up to become one of the top athletes of her national team: in the 2019/2020 season, Brownlee won 3 gold medals at the British Paraalpine Championships. She did it, again.

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